Get Your Free Car Battery Check in Murfreesboro, TN

The high summer temperatures in and around Franklin, Lebanon, Clarksville, and Nashville Metro in the summer can do more damage to the battery in your vehicle than the coldest winters up north. It can take just as much energy, if not more, to start a hot engine on a scorching summer day as it does to start one in the dead of winter. The hot temperatures also cause the fluids inside car batteries to boil away and die at the worst possible moment.

Before you end up with a dead car battery, let our factory trained technicians check the one in your vehicle for fluid levels and overall condition. Take advantage and print out our coupon for a free check in Murfreesboro, TN. We use specialized equipment to check the cold cranking amps and reserve power of your car battery. Should they find that your battery is on the verge of failure.

Car Battery Coupons, Murfreesboro, TN

Heat is only one reason for your car battery to fail, with so many of today’s cars featuring a wealth of technology, the load on your battery is far heavier than at any time in the past. While your charging system is designed to handle the load, your vehicle’s battery must still be able to bear its fair share of the load and more. Whether it is a high powered stereo or the latest in on board computers, your car needs a product that is in top condition to keep everything running smoothly.

Car batteries are by nature a relatively expensive replacement part, so we offer our coupons to help you save money. By using our coupon for a free check, you can confirm if your car really needs a replacement. We stock only the finest quality OEM replacement car batteries. When the time comes to get a replacement for your vehicle, use one of our coupons in Murfreesboro to help reduce the cost and make it more affordable.

Don’t wait until your car battery lets you down, come in and let our technicians test it today.