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Convenience in a Pinch

When you’ve got things to do here in Middle Tennessee there’s nothing more frustrating than not having the right vehicle to get the job done. Whether you’re planning a vacation trip to the Cedars up in Lebanon, taking an extended tour of the battlefields in Franklin, or just doing some hauling between Nashville and Clarksville, sometimes you just don’t have the right kind of wheels you need. When that happens you can turn to Toyota of Murfreesboro, and get your hands on just the right rental vehicle to get you over the hump. With a wide selection, great features on amazing models, and an always friendly staff, renting a vehicle from Toyota of Murfreesboro Rental Vehicles makes for a smart choice.

Rental Car Service at Toyota of Murfreesburo

Great Reasons to Rent a Toyota Vehicle from Toyota of Murfreesboro

Have a Big Crowd but a Small Car

If you’re looking to haul a horde of people and a pile of stuff but you only have a little commuter, then it makes sense to check into getting a rental that will accommodate your crowd. Getting a bigger vehicle with more seating for the duration of your need makes a heck of a lot more sense than buying or leasing. You get to use it for your event, and then you get to turn it back in and get back in to your regular vehicle.

Save Wear and Tear on your Car

When the job you need to do is going to be more tasking on your personal vehicle than you want, getting into a rental is a smart move. Putting excessive wear and tear on your personal vehicle means that you’ll be living with whatever stress you put it through. Not to mention you’ll be putting a nick in resale or trade-in value.

Breakdowns are NOT a Hassle

Breakdowns happen to any vehicle, and if you’re far from home and your personal vehicle gives up the ghost, that’s your problem. But if you rent, salvation is just a phone call away. Rental vehicles are backed up with the guarantee that if they breakdown, Toyota of Murfreesboro will get you out of the jam at no cost to you. Long trips can be a whole lot less hassle if you do the journey in a rental.

Get a Specialized Vehicle

Sometimes you may just need a vehicle that has special features, that your smaller vehicle just doesn’t have. Maybe you need a 4×4, a truck bed, or more power. Whatever you the reason, you can rent a vehicle that fits the needs for your specialized situation.

Give it a Spin

Thinking about buying a model but not sure if it’s really you? Rent it and give it a spin.
Getting your hands on a rental vehicle for a few days just to kick the tires and see if it’s a good fit is a great way to get the data without getting the long term contract. If you like it, you can buy one, if you don’t then you’re only out the rental cost.

Send the Right Message

Driving a beater but got a big job interview or taking someone important out to lunch to seal the deal? Rent a vehicle that fits the image you need to portray to your potential client or next boss. That way you get to send the right message without having to fork out the big payments until you can afford to get out of your beater.

Toyota Rental Vehicles at Toyota of Murfreesboro

Toyota Corolla Rental at Toyota of Murfreesboro:

Rent a 2014 Toyota Carolla at Toyota of Murfreesboro

  • Compact Sedan
  • Seats 5
  • 28/37 mpg est

Toyota Camry Rental at Toyota of Murfreesboro:

Rent a 2014 Toyota Camry at Toyota of Murfreesboro

  • Midsize sedan
  • Seats 5
  • 25/35 mpg est

Toyota Tacoma Rental at Toyota of Murfreesboro:

Rent a 2014 Toyota Tacoma at Toyota of Murfreesboro

  • Truck
  • Seats 2 to 4
  • 21/25 mpg est

Toyota Sienna Rental at Toyota of Murfreesboro:

Rent a 2014 Toyota Sienna at Toyota of Murfreesboro

  • Passenger Van
  • Seats 7
  • 18/25 mpg est

Toyota Prius rental at Toyota of Murfreesboro:

Rent a 2014 Toyota Prius at Toyota of Murfreesboro

  • Hybrid Vehicle
  • Seats 5
  • 51/48 mpg est

Toyota Rav4 rental at Toyota of Murfreesboro:

Rent a 2014 Toyota Rav4 at Toyota of Murfreesboro

  • Crossover Vehicle
  • Seats 5
  • 24/31 mpg est

Get your Toyota Rental Vehicle from Toyota of Murfreesboro: Smart Rental Choices in Middle Tennessee

When you find yourself in a jam for a vehicle, or you just need the kind of wheels that you don’t have sitting in your driveway, check out renting a vehicle from Toyota of Murfreesboro. At Toyota of Murfreesboro Car Rental, we set our sights on making sure you get the most from your vehicle rental dollar. Our selection is big and our service is great. And to make renting even better, we offer packages that make your task even easier with one of our rental vehicles — Things like DVD player rentals, Garmin navigation system rentals, or other tools to make your rental more efficient. Give us a call and let us help you get into a rental car that’s sure to fit your needs. Come on in and find out why more and more of your friends and neighbors are making Toyota of Murfreesboro their number one rental car destination in Middle Tennessee.

Written By: Andy Obeissey